What is NUTRASWISS doing for the environment?


1) NUTRASWISS has been producing without palm oil since 2015

We stopped using palm oil in 2016. Instead, we use rapeseed oil from Switzerland, thereby supporting Swiss local agriculture. At the same time, the short procurement routes of rapeseed oil help to protect our environment.


2) Wherever possible, NUTRASWISS uses raw materials from Switzerland

We use only natural top-quality raw materials, sourced locally in Switzerland, in all our products.


3) NUTRASWISS uses recycled paper as a filling material for shipping packages

For many years we have been using filling materials made of recycled paper for our postal shipping. The deployment of a crumpling machine gives the sustainable filling paper more volume and protects the products during shipping.


4) NUTRASWISS systematically separates waste

We have been professionally separating and disposing of paper, cardboard and plastics for many years. This enables us to reduce our waste volume to a minimum.


5) NUTRASWISS uses energy-saving LED lighting

LED lighting provides sufficient light in our large-scale production and logistics departments. This reduces energy consumption and ensures safety at the machines and workplaces.


6) The NUTRASWISS Headquarters in Switzerland are CO2-free

We have made use of two large geothermal heat pumps and an efficient heat recovery system since 2005. This covers over 75 % of our heating requirements.


7) 924 solar modules on NUTRASWISS buildings

Since the summer of 2020, 924 solar modules on a surface area measuring 1500 m2 have been generating around 270,000 kWh of energy. This is equivalent to the power consumption of around 250 two-person households. We use the power primarily to cover our own needs. In addition, the photovoltaic system supplies four indoor and four outdoor charging stations for electric vehicles.


8) NUTRASWISS makes use of hydroelectric power

The power that we do not generate ourselves with our photovoltaic system comes from sustainable European hydroelectric power.

How we behave today will shape our future. We therefore wish to preserve resources and enhance the sustainability of our production and manufacturing facilities. We have already implemented many environmentally friendly measures and wish to point the way further for future generations.

Ethical supply chain

We hold ourselves – and our suppliers – to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. If you want to know more about our Corporate Sustainability measures and policies, please feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!