QUA Nutrition – Q&A

Probiotics are often made of freeze-dried bacteria, which means that the bacteria are first grown in a laboratory and then subjected to a freeze-drying process, which removes the water from the cells while leaving the cells themselves intact. This process allows the bacteria to be stored for long periods of time without losing their viability.

NUTRASWISS ProbioMax® should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place to ensure their viability. It is generally recommended to store probiotics at a temperature of less than 25°C – for Indian weather conditions this means in a refrigerator. Exposure to high temperatures or moisture can cause the bacteria to become less viable or to die off quickly.

The capsules for all NUTRASWISS products - including ProbioMax® - are made from 100% Hypromellose. Hypromellose is a semisynthetic, inert and biocompatible polymer used in eye drops, as well as an excipient and controlled-delivery component in oral medicaments, found in a variety of commercial products. It is 100% vegan and is extremely safe in food products. In fact, it is used as a replacement for gluten in many gluten-free baked goods. Many other supplements use gelatin capsules or digestible plastic capsules which are less healthy and safe compared to Hypromellose. Some of the benefits of using Hypromellose as our capsule material include:

  1. Hypromellose capsules are easy to swallow and do not cause any irritation or discomfort to the digestive system.
  2. Hypromellose capsules are resistant to moisture and can be used to encapsulate moisture-sensitive drugs.
  3. Hypromellose capsules are strong and can hold their shape well.
  4. Hypromellose capsules can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different doses and forms.
  5. Hypromellose capsules are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.
  6. Hypromellose capsules are widely accepted by regulatory agencies for their safety.

This can only happen if the client had gut dysbiosis already before taking ProbioMax®. In this case, ProbioMax® was not the problem but the solution. It is recommended to think of ProbioMax® as part of your daily food intake/routine, which means it should be taken long-term and daily. Unfortunately, pretty much all milk products that are commercially available in the world today are made from highly pasteurized milk. Pasteurization kills not only bad bacteria but the good probiotics also. After a certain age, it is therefore difficult for the body to have enough probiotic bacteria available to balance its gut health optimally.

Fennel Extract has many beneficial properties when it comes to gut health. It relaxes the digestive tract, prevents bloating, and improves digestion / eliminates the feeling of fullness. It also helps with digestion by reducing inflammation in the bowels and decreasing bacteria that cause gassiness.

Fennel Extract is one of the many plant extracts/powders - that can be found only in our products - to boost the efficacy of the supplement and help the main ingredients in their impact on improving health.

Yes, 100% of the milk used for the production of Protein Magik® comes from happy grass-fed cows. There are a number of benefits associated with grass-fed cow milk, including:

  1. Nutrient content: Grass-fed milk has a higher content of certain nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and vitamin E, compared to milk from grain-fed cows.
  2. Flavor: Grass-fed milk has a richer, more flavorful taste compared to grain-fed milk.
  3. Sustainability: Grass-fed dairy systems are more sustainable compared to grain-fed systems, as they can be less reliant on inputs such as feed grains and fertilizers.
  4. Animal welfare: Grass-fed milk is more humane, as cows are able to graze and express natural behaviors, rather than being confined to feedlots.

Unlike other protein powders, NUTRASWISS Protein Magik® contains 0 % preservatives. This along with the flavor from real vanilla (as opposed to artificial vanilla flavor) makes Protein Magik® a very natural product, which is much healthier than other protein powders, with fewer side effects and much easier to digest. Patients have complained about bloating and indigestion with other whey proteins but do not report these problems at all with Protein Magik®.

While it is always safer to consult your doctor when taking supplements during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, generally speaking VisionPlus® is safe for pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. In fact, Zeaxanthin and especially Zinc plus the other vitamin in our product are beneficial during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Zeaxanthin and other active ingredients used in VisionPlus® are all found in various foods like for example leafy green vegetables, eggs, and citrus fruits and there is no clinical evidence whatsoever to suggest or indicate that VisionPlus is harmful to lactating mothers.

All NUTRASWISS products’ ingredients are natural and safe for small children also as they do not have any side effects. When it comes to the safety of small children/babies, it is not the ingredients that might cause harm, but they might choke on the capsules. Therefore, the minimum age for using NeuroMax® capsules is when the child is old enough to safely swallow capsules without risking choking.

Some studies have found that Ginseng and Ginkgo can help improve symptoms of ADHD or autism but further studies are awaited to draw a more definite conclusion.

Yes, with the exception of CollagenMax®, all our products are 100 % vegetarian.

It is generally considered safe to use Coenzyme Q10 with statins and blood thinners, but it is always best to consult with your doctor before. Coenzyme Q10 may interfere with the effectiveness of blood thinners, and some people taking statins have experienced muscle weakness or muscle pain when taking Coenzyme Q10. Your doctor can advise you on whether Q10 is safe for you to take and can help you manage any potential interactions with other medications you may be taking.

While we do not have formal accreditation from the above, sports people and athletes all over the world use NUTRASWISS products with great benefits. Additionally, it would not be out of place to mention that NUTRASWISS has the following certificates:

  • Genuine Swiss Products Certification
  • FDA Approved
  • Certified Organic by Bio Suisse
  • European Organic Certification
  • Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP Certified
  • Official Attestation from the Food and Veterinary Law Enforcement Authority
  • SGS ISO 9001 Certified
  • SGS ISO 14001 Certified
  • SGS FSSC 22000 Certified
  • Veterinary Health Certification from Federal Food Safety & Veterinary Office
  • Certification from the Chambre de commerce bernoise, Berne
  • Eurofins Analytical Certification
  • FSSAI Approved

These go a long way in showing that NUTRASWISS products are the best in category.

Yes, NUTRASWISS ProbioMax® and Protein Magik® contain small amounts of lactose. All other products are 100% lactose-free.

Yes, Folic Acid Plus® is made specifically for pregnant ladies as it promotes Maternal Tissue Growth during Pregnancy (among many other benefits). ProbioMax® is also recommended during pregnancy. Both products are not only safe during pregnancy but should be actively recommended to pregnant ladies or ladies who want to get pregnant.

It may be noted that Folic Acid Plus® contains Mango and Goji Berry Powder. The amount of Mango and Goji Berry Powder is rather small as their main purpose is to give the product an amazing taste. The main active ingredients in NUTRASWISS Folic Acid Plus® promoting the health benefits of this product are Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12 – therefore, these vitamins are the main content of the tablets.

NUTRASWISS Protein Magik® is 100% free of side effects and safe for all ages. However, legally speaking, it is not recommended for children below the age of 5.

It is generally not necessary to take a break from using NUTRASWISS supplements. The decision to continue taking a supplement should be based on an individual's specific health needs and goals, as well as the guidance of a healthcare professional. In general, it is recommended to treat NUTRASWISS supplements as food. In the same way that one would not stop eating apples on a daily basis, or not stop eating dal or rice on a daily basis, it is also recommended to take NUTRASWISS products long-term as part of one’s daily food routine and intake. However, it is always advisable in the longer-term interest of things to take a break of 1 or 2 weeks approximately every two months.

It is generally safe for people with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) to take supplements containing Ginseng, as long as they are taken in the appropriate dose and under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Also, since Ginseng is a natural product, it improves testosterone levels in men, not women. However, it is important to note that Ginseng has not yet been extensively studied in people with PCOS, and more research is needed to provide a definitive answer to determine its safety for this condition.